Topshelf Records To Reissue Weatherbox’s ‘The Cosmic Drama’ On CD and Vinyl


With a successful career spanning ten-years plus, Weatherbox has a discography of records to show for it. Now, one of the group’s more recent albums, The Cosmic Drama, is getting decked out for reissue. Topshelf Records will be reissuing the band’s release on CD and vinyl, with exclusives.

The reissued album will feature new songs, including several tracks from the group’s 4 Songs EP. You can view a track listing below:

If you’re interested in Weatherbox, you can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here!

The Cosmic Drama reissue tracklist:

1. “That Mann”

2. “King Friend (The Showing of The Instruments)”

3. “They’re Ready For Us To Come Home (2014 band version)”

4. “This Space Intentionally Left Blank”

5. “Mind Things To W.A.S.T.E.”

6. “YouTube the Clouds (Anything That Flies)”

7. “…And You Will Know Me By The Trail of Dead”

8. “Two Sachels of Light”

9. “I Haven’t Kissed a Guy in Lightyears”

10. “Ask My Flashlight”

11. “Contactus, The Little Green Man”

12. “Don’t Say Nice Things”

13. “No Hands (Anything That Moves)”

14. “They’re Ready For Us To Come Home (original version)”

15. “I’m Ready For You To Come Back (7” version)”

16. “Is Nice (from the 4 SongsEP)”

17. “The Seven Different Levels of Devil Worshipping (from the 4 SongsEP)”

18. “That M.A.D.D. (from the 4 SongsEP)”

19. “BRIAN WINS AGAIN (from the 4 Songs EP)”

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