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Valleys Announce Summer Tour

valleys pr

North Carolina metal band, Valleys, announced their upcoming After The Slaughter tour in support of their debut full-length, Experiment One: Asylum, which is due out early next year. The week long tour will kick off on August 13th in Maryland for their Summer Slaughter showcase, before following parts of the east coast, and ending in North Carolina on August 19th.

Check the dates below for a city near you.

valleys tour promo

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VIDEO: Young Brother – “Kamikaze”

Young Brother

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Young Brother just released the music video for the title track of his debut EP, Kamikaze. The video is a throwback to the vintage video games of old, with Young Brother playing the role of a kamikaze saving the world from invasion. You can view the video below.

“The “Kamikaze” music video stems straight from my childhood,” remarks Young Brother’s Dalton Diehl. “Simply put, I’m a child of the late 80’s early 90’s so anything that resembles that time feels nostalgic to me and inspires creativity.”

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Mastodon Announce Fall Tour w/ Judas Priest


Mastodon announced that they will be hitting the road this October and November for a fall North American tour with British metal icons Judas Priest. The tour will kick off on October 16th. In addition, The Missing Link Tour (a co-headliner with Clutch) continues with brand new dates. All confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Mastodon continues to ready new titles from their ongoing vinyl reissue series, which has already released stunning color vinyl pressings from their Reprise catalog to date:  Crack the Skye (2009)on baby-blue vinyl and Blood Mountain (2006) on solid yellow and transparent green vinyl. On August 28thThe Hunter will be reborn in resplendent solid red vinyl.

Also, Mastodon’s original new song “White Walker,” exclusively from THE GAME OF THRONES MIXTAPE, Catch the Throne: The Mixtape Vol. 2, is still available here.

 mastodon judas priest

*** indicates Mastodon w/ Judas Priest Tour dates:

**indicates Mastodon co-headline w/ Clutch & Corrosion of Conformity as part of THE MISSING LINK TOUR

* indicates Mastodon Headline

***Fri     Oct 16           Vina Robles Amphitheatre                 Paso Robles, CA

***Sat    Oct 17           The Pearl                                         Las Vegas, NV

* Sun     Oct 18           Ace of Spades                                 Sacramento, CA

***Tue    Oct 20          The Warfield                                     San Francisco,CA

***Wed   Oct 21          City National Civic                            San Jose, CA

***Thur   Oct 22          Senator Theatre                                 Chico, CA

Sat     Oct 24          KnotFest                                           San Bernardino, CA

***Mon   Oct 26          Rialto Theater                                   Tucson, AZ

**Wed    Oct 28          Austin Music Hall                              Austin, TX

**Thur    Oct 29          Gas Monkey Live                               Dallas, TX

**Fri       Oct 30          Bayou Music Center                           Houston, TX

*Sat       Oct 31          Civic Theater                                     New Orleans, LA   (w/ C.O.C.)

*Sun      Nov 1            Iron City                                           Birmingham, Al      (w/ C.O.C.)

***Tue    Nov 3           Peoria Civic Center Theatre                Peoria, IL

***Sat     Nov 6           The Paramount                                  Huntington, NJ

***Sat     Nov 7           Prudential Center                              Newark, NJ

***Tue    Nov 10          Scotiabank Centre                             Halifax, NS

***Thur   Nov 12          Air Canada Centre                            Toronto, ON

Additional Festival dates (Not part of Judas Priest or The Missing Link Tours):

Fri           Sep 25           Rio de Janeiro, BRA                           Rock in Rio Festival

Sun         Sep 27          Sao Paulo, BRA                                   Anhembi (outdoor)

Mon        Sep 28          Santiago, CHI                                      Comes Louder Festival

Sat           Dec 5           Reykjavik, ICE                                    Rokkjotnar Festival

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Luxxe Release New Single, “Cello”

Phoenix-bases pop-folk band Luxxe just released their new single, “Cello,” from their debut EP, One, which is set for an August 21st release. The band has received praise from a multitude of publications, and won the Vans Warped Tour’s Battle of The Bands competition, which allowed them to perform at the 6/23 Mesa, AZ date of Warped Tour.
They also just announced a weekend of shows in the Las Vegas area, and an Alt AZ sponsored show opening for Warner Bros. bands PHASES and Coasts on August 11th. 
You can stream “Cello” below:
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The Main Squeeze Release New Single


Chicago-based funk-rock band The Main Squeeze just dropped their brand new single, “Angelus,” from their upcoming sophomore album, Mind Your Head which was produced by former American Idol judge Randy Jackson. You can stream the single below:

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VIDEO: Samantha Scarlette – “Forgiven Sins (From Dusk To Dawn)”

 samantha scarlette

Samantha Scarlette directed and released a new 90’s inspired music video for her song, “Forgiven Sins (From Dusk To Dawn),” from her album, Violent Delights + Violent Ends. She will be filming and directing two more music videos later this summer, but for now, you can see the video for “Forgiven Sins” below:

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VIDEO: Rob Drabkin – “Down To Fate”

rob drabkin
Rob Drabkin takes listeners on a treasure hunt on the brand new video for his single, “Down To Fate.” The song comes from the crooner’s latest album, Little Steps, available now via iTunes. You can view the video below:
For more info, tour dates and more:
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Grizzly Knows No Remorse Release Live Studio Session

grizzly knows no remorse

Back in 2008, one of Russian metalcore’s best-kept secret, Grizzly Knows No Remorse, has released a live studio session. The video features songs off of the band’s most recent album, Fat Glasses and The Leather Mustache, which came out on May 27th.

“We thought that the new material is good enough to be heard not just as it is, but live too,” says Andrew Lockjaw (vox). “The experience was pretty rough yet fun as well. We made a lot of takes for each song since we needed a lot of different video angles and stuff. Every single take we played each song again and again so it was like playing a 20 song show basically. We wanted to thank Max Samosvat – the sound engineer and producer for the really hard and awesome work at his studio – The Meat Factory. Also, we wanted to thank Dan and his boys from DAD Films for shooting and montaging everything. Those guys are golden. Hope everyone will enjoy the show.”

You can view the video below:

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VIDEO: Minds Like Mirrors – “Monuments”

minds like mirrors

Ambient-metal group Minds Like Mirrors just released their brand new music video for their song “Monuments.” The video, directed by David Borges, premiered with Heavy Magazine. The single is the third from the band’s upcoming EP, Metanoia (release date TBA).

“This song is probably one of the best testaments to the meaning of our EP Metanoia. A changing of one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life, is something we chose to express visually with our track ‘Monuments’. While the song carries a different meaning for each band member, the message remains the same. You are not alone,” says Peter Austin (clean vocals).

You can view the video below:

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Q&A: Chelsea Dash

chelsea dash

Chelsea Dash is an up-and-coming pop artist, as well as a recent alumna of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. With her new single “Massive Attack” generating some major buzz, it’s easy to imagine that Dash’s year is about to get a hell of a lot crazier.

Thankfully, we managed to sit down with her before the whirlwind begins!

Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?

Chelsea Dash: I’m doing great, thanks. Nice to be chatting with you!

PS: Your new lyric video for “Massive Attack” has recently been released. How have listeners been responding?

CD: So far, so good! We actually just put the official video out yesterday, so that has garnered even more curiosity and lots of positive attention from people. I’m very happy with the feedback I’ve been receiving from fans, digging the sound, and visuals!

PS: What is your favorite part about going into the studio?

CD: For some people, Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth.” For me, it’s the studio! Even if it’s not my session, and I’m just in the studio hanging out with other musician friends and stuff, I am just so happy!There’s no place like it where you can be in such a powerful creative energy field! I love writing in the studio, and collaborating with other people. Nothing is more beautiful or exciting to me than creating something out of nothing. You can walk into the studio with no ideas, nothing really to go on and walk out just a few hours later with a full song done. It’s magical and sometimes even a little therapeutic!

PS: Would you mind walking me through the creative process?

CD: Not at all! I’ve written songs in many different ways. Sometimes I start with a few chords on guitar, and craft a melody from there. Sometimes I build a track in a studio with a producer, write a melody on top, and then the lyrics and sometimes I’m even given a track from a producer and then I write what’s called a “top line” – which is the entire melody and lyrics. I keep a lyric book. I have full poems/lyrics in it, pages of possible song titles, song story lines and ideas etc. Basically, there’s no right way or wrong way to write a pop song. There’s many ways to do it and I dabble in a lot of them!

PS: How do you manage to find time to write new material?

CD: Well at first, it was homework! I didn’t really take my songwriting seriously until I started at Berklee College of Music and was forced to work on my songwriting many times a week! Now, I don’t force it unless I’m booked for a writing session where I know I’m there to write a full song for myself or someone else. I think if you’re a creative person at heart, it just pours out of you often enough that the time is just there. I keep that lyric book close, so I’m always armed with ideas and things to go of off if a melody pops into my head. I am a really good multi-tasker though! I’ve definitely written a song or two in the shower!

PS: What would you like people to come away with when they hear your music?

CD: I take pride in writing pop songs that have some depth to them. I never want to be mistaken for some vapid, blonde pop singer. There’s real heart, soul, and an intelligence to my storytelling and lyrics. I want to make people feel alive and empowered too. Pop music is fun and mine definitely has an edgy side to it, but at the end of the say,it’s all just telling a story, and hoping that people can identify with it, relate to it, and just enjoy it!

PS: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

CD: I have a song called “Bad Girl” that’s more of an R&B power ballad and really shows my vocal range. I sing my little heart out!

PS: How did you get involved in music?

CD: It was pretty much fate. My parents said that I could sing even before I could talk. Apparently, I could hum a perfect melody back from something I heard on the radio even once, before I was old enough to even form proper words. My parents put me in voice and piano lessons when I was five. Not really because they wanted me to be a musician, but because I was almost expelled from pre-school for singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” from one of my mom’s cassette tapes at Show & Tell. I think they were trying to drain all of the creative energy out of me, so I wouldn’t cause trouble again! Little did they know, it just added fuel to the fire and I’d become a professional musician!

[E/N: Literally couldn’t stop laughing at this…I would be an awful teacher, because I’d have high-fived her!]

PS: If you could work with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?

CD: I’m totally obsessed with Justin Timberlake. he produces, writes, sings, dances, plays 3+ instruments…He’s just such a talented musician. I feel like I could learn so much from him and our musical styles blend nicely too. Also, he’s kinda petty to look at! 🙂

PS: When looking at the current music scene, do you think social media is helping or hindering artists?

CD: If you know what you’re doing, and how to use social media channels to market and promote your music, I think it can be extremely helpful. However, if it’s not your bag, it’s hard to get yourself heard in this day and age. It can be a game. There are a few artists (I’m sure you can think of plenty too) who really are quite average musicians, but because of their timing, and their vast knowledge of social media and marketing, they were able to make a name for themselves. It can go both ways I guess!

PS: You’re a recent Berklee College of Music alum. Do you feel that other artists like yourself could benefit from going to music school?

CD: Absolutely. Berklee took me from being just a really good singer, to being a legit, well-rounded musician. It can be overwhelming to have to learn to write and sing so many different styles of contemporary music, but all in all, I think it really helped me decipher what truly was my unique sound and vibe as an artist.

PS: Do you have any advice for younger musicians?

CD: Yes, it sounds silly, but practice makes perfect! Hone your craft as much as possible and also don’t be afraid to experiment with different sounds, and styles. If you can’t afford to take lessons, Youtube often has great free tutorial videos on basics for piano, guitar, etc.

PS: Where can we expect to see you in five years?

CD: Hopefully winning Grammy’s and performing on a world tour with Justin Timberlake perhaps?!

PS: Any last words?

CD: I love connecting with my fans! The best ways to keep up with me are these:

      Also, the official music video for “Massive Attack” is on youtube now! Thanks for chatting!
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