PREMIERE: Illogistical Resource Dept. – “The Great Conspirator”


San Francisco-based Illogistical Resource Dept. showcase their great array of influences, from Rush to Pink Floyd, on their sophomore album, Transmission Cinema. The album, recorded at Tranquility Base Studios in Burlingame, California, and The Locker in San Francisco, came out on May 1st.

The band was kind enough to choose Planet Stereo to premiere their brand new video for “The Great Conspirator,” which you can view below.

“The Great Conspirator is a video montage as seen through the eyes of a simple man. Driven to the brink of insanity, he relentlessly tries to protect his land while combating his own paranoid visions. [It’s] loosely inspired by the 1943 film, The Black Raven,” The band explains.

For more on the band, click HERE. To purchase a CD or buy concert tickets, click HERE.

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  1. […] Illogistical Resource Dept. premiered their new music video for “The Great Conspirator” on Planet Stereo. Watch the video and read about it here. […]

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