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good graeff

Indie-pop twin sister duo Good Graeff, comprised of Brooke (guitar, lead vox) and Brit Graeff (cello, backup vox), is one of the latest acts that will leave your jaw slack with just how good they are. Their new album, Good Job Go, is about to drop, and the pair is just as excited as listeners are to finally have the material out there!

Despite their exceptionally busy summer (the girls on tour with Mates of State into July), Good Graeff took the time to chat to Planet Stereo. Check it out below:

Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?
Good Graeff: Good, good, it’s great to be here! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
PS: Your new record, Good Job Go, is coming out at the beginning of July. How are you feeling as the release gets closer?
GG: Excited, duh! We have been waiting very patiently for this to come out; I can’t believe it’s finally happening!
PS: Do you have a favorite song from the new album? If so, what is it and why?
Brooke: I like “Unsung Heroes,” mainly because it started as a very different song. We also had a lot of fun recording it and throwing ideas around.
Brit: I’m really excited about “Good Touch.” It’s such a different style for us and we laughed so much while we were writing it.
PS: You two won your high school battle of the bands, and then took a break for six years before coming together again in Vietnam. May I ask why you took a 6-year break?
Brooke: I didn’t want to be a musician when I was 17, I wanted to be a foley artist. Music seemed like a very unattainable goal, I think the fear of failure when you have nothing else in the works, would have made giving everything difficult for me.
Brit: Cello was just a fun hobby for me at that age. I wanted to go to college and build a safety net while I was still in the school groove.
PS: What made Vietnam so special to both of you?
Brooke: Motorcycles.
Brit: When I moved there it was just another adventure location. It’s become special because of the incredible friends I’ve made there and the GG renaissance that is still driving my life.
PS: What is your favorite part about working with your twin?
Brooke: She tells me when my eyebrows need to be put back into place.
Brit: It’s things like her knowing to call the breakfast place ahead of time to make sure they have chocolate chip pancakes.
PS: When did you realize you could turn your passion for music into a career?
Brooke: When enough people told us we could.
Brit: Agreed.
PS: After traveling, do you find that you have wanderlust?
Brooke: I get real itchy feet now faster and faster! Now especially after touring, after one day home its like “Ok, where to next?”
Brit: I’ve been bitten by the bug, and once you start traveling a lot, it can be hard to stop.
PS: What country do you hope to eventually travel to?
Brooke: India would be rad, but I would like to tour Europe first!
Brit: Western Africa would be pretty incredible.
PS: If you could work with any artist, past or present, who would it be and why?
Brooke: oooOOOoooo I’ve found Courtney Barnett super inspiring, but I think I would get too shy!
Brit: Paris Hilton (DJ version)- she can teach me the art of ‘fake it ’til ya make it’ #amairite?
PS: How would you explain your sound to someone who’s never heard you before?
GG: That feeling you get when you smell something from your childhood but you can’t put your finger on it. OR Indie pop rock…ish.
PS: Any last words?
GG: We have a lot more touring coming up, so check out our dates, stay tuned for more music and a video! Good Job Go drops July 10th!!!
For more on Good Graeff, click hereGood Job Go will be out on July 10th.
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