15 Songs From June ’15 You Have To Hear

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It is official. Summer is here! So while we’re all soaking up the sun, making summer playlists, and maybe attending a festival (…or two…), Planet Stereo has rounded up 15 songs from June that you have to hear while the summer heat rages on!

1. The Maine“English Girls”

It’s hard to say there’s only one song from American Candy that you need to hear, because the album is fantastic. But the band’s music video to go along with “English Girls” is nothing short of wonderful, and makes the song even better.

2. Pierce The Veil – “The Divine Zero”

New music from PTV! Finally! “The Divine Zero” is the perfect Warped Tour theme, which works, because they’re on Warped. If you have the chance, catch them live. They’re ridiculously memorable!

3. Anthony Raneri“Sorry State of Mind”

Bayside’s Anthony Raneri just adds another reason to love 2015 musically. More artists coming forth as solo artists (on the side, of course), and it’s fabulous. Add on how awesome the video for “Sorry State of Mind” is, and you can’t really go wrong!

4. The Technicolors“Tonight You Are Mine”

If there’s one band you have to see live, especially playing this song, it’s The Technicolors. There’s something so edgy and effortlessly cool about The Technicolors as a whole, but “Tonight You Are Mine” just seems to push that idea one step further. The accompanying video is visually stunning, and a must-see, as far as I’m concerned.

5. August Burns Red – “Ghosts (ft. Jeremy McKinnon)”

August Burns Red is joined by A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon for “Ghosts.” The track features some amazing guitar work, and a back and forth voice-off between Luhr and McKinnon, which is definitely enjoyable. ADTR/ABR tour anyone?

6. Parkway Drive – “Vice Grip”

This is the kind of song I can just imagine being a hit live…especially in an amphitheater. “Vice Grip” just radiates power.

7. The Wonder Years“Cardinals”

Once again, The Wonder Years prove how amazing they are. “Cardinals” is a powerful track to begin with, and the video just adds to it. Send it to a friend if you’ve not been great recently.

8. Knuckle Puck – “Disdain”

A catchy as hell punk track. If you’re looking for a song to revive the angsty, punk-loving teenager that resides in all of us, this could be the song to do it.

9. Sorority Noise – “Art School Wannabe”

Quirky, painting a colorful picture with vivid, illustrative lyrics, and fantastic instrumentals. I could just play this again and again. It’s awesome, and it’s a commentary on stereotypes, in my opinion.

10. Highly Suspect – “Lydia”

One of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. It is beautifully shot, and Marina Kazankova (the girl in the video) does an incredible job. When fans commented on the video, which was filmed in ONE take, at how long she could hold her breath, the band sang her praises, commenting on how she could actually hold her breath for upwards of six minutes!

11. Disturbed – “The Vengeful One”

Disturbed are back from their four-year hiatus with a new song, “The Vengeful One,” and the accompanying animated video from award-winning filmmaker Phil Mucci. It’s hard to ignore.

12. As Cities Burn – “Prince of Planet Earth” 

This is the first new song the band have released in six years! And it is IN YOUR FACE, in a great way. Parts loud and chaotic and part melodic, it’s an intriguing listen.

13. Delta Rae“All Good People”

A protest song without being obnoxious. In protest to the tragedy that occurred in Charleston, the band wrote and recorded this song, “All Good People,” as a means of expressing their “outrage, sadness, and insistence that things must change.” It is extremely powerful.

14. Hundredth – “Inside Out”

All I can say is: Just look at the video.

15. The Ivory – “I’m a Mess”

This song is a total ear worm! Alesana’s Shane Crump shows that he’s just as talented as a singer as he is a bass player. “I’m a Mess” is such an amazing track, and yes, that is Sierra Kusterbeck in the video with him.


Mike Posner – “Be As You Are”

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