REVIEW: Treason This – ‘Always Perfect’ EP

treason this

If you’re looking for a near-perfect EP to add to your playlist this summer, Always Perfect, the latest from Treason This, may very well be it. with stunning acoustics that pay homage to the band’s acoustic duo origins, (“Suede (88.87)”) the release is an excellent of example of what an EP should be. “A Farewell Not One-Sided” is a quick song that kicks off the EP with an indie-esque acoustic introduction, well thought lyrics, and an energetic pick-up. The more I listen to lyrics like, “…repeating it back again to pass the test already conquered by all the kid in me that I had left,” the more I believe this to be an excellent narrative on growing up.

The bitter moments of the EP perfectly summarize the struggles of relationships, but do so with such energy, that they manage to make me happier, as opposed to sitting in my room, wishing ice-cream had zero calories. “I Hate You Please Die” -features strong, powerful, and playful vocals. “Moviegoers Dilemma” features fantastic instrumentals, bitter lyrics, movie references, fast-paced lyrics that make it impossible to resist. On these two tracks, the wit and snarky tone is done with originality, and acts as a wonderful reflection of what it means to get older and struggle in relationships. However, that’s not to say Treason This shies away from a more emotional, heart-wrenching side. “Knife of The Month” is an open letter disguised as an interlude and showcases just how well the band tells a story and can leave you completely entranced.

Out of all of the songs on the EP, “The Dangers In Shades and Lines,” is probably the best. It’s moody in tone, with a poetic lyrical approach, perfectly encompassing desperation, the struggle of growing up, and dealing with life. As the song picks up, lines like,  “It’s hard to keep a grip on something that’s kicking you for trying to stand,” seem to have more weight, shouldering an evident rawness, seen on the more melancholy tracks like “A Disgrace To The Dead,” which acts almost as a sequel/continuation to “Suede,” cutting straight to the bone, with a live-feel. As the track picks up, I can almost feel the amplifiers shake, and the crowd watch in awe, especially once the guitar solo comes in, bringing the song to a whole new level. Again, I’m absolutely floored by the strength behind the vocals and the pure cohesive sound. The band has an incredible, solid dynamic that is evident in every track. Five out of five for Always Perfect.

“Always Perfect” will be available on June 30th!  You can pre-order it today –…

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