PODCAST: Martian Mashup, Episode 5

Martian Mashup 2

Below, you will find episode five of the Martian Mashup. On today’s podcast, we’ll hit the following news points:

  • Same sex marriage legalized by the Supreme Court.
  • Bastille to release new music this year.
  • Tonight Alive guitarist Jake Hardy shaves his head for Leukemia.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong’s son, Jakob Danger, releases new music. (Listen to first single)
  • Former Seattle police chief believes Kurt Cobain’s death should be reinvestigated.
  • Courtney Love filing cease-and-desist against movie theaters playing Soaked In Bleach documentary.
  • JK Rowling announces the return of Harry Potter.
  • Sleeping With Sirens Latin America tour.
  • Warped Tour survival tips and #FlashbackFriday moment.
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