Slaves Guitarist Alex Lyman Stabbed

alex lyman

Slaves guitarist Alex Lyman was recently stabbed in his side, resulting in a four-inch cut, two inches deep, and estimated at about a centimeter from his spleen. Lyman posted a picture to Instagram, captioning with a statement letting fans know that the perpetrator was a felon who is now in prison, and explaining that there was no real motivation: “It was split because I’m a ‘faggot in skinny jeans,’” he wrote. You can see the full post below, and be sure to wish Alex a speedy recovery!

UPDATE 6/23: Lyman has since posted a picture of his stab wound on Instagram, along with a lengthy caption, saying, “I’m sorry if anyone didn’t want to see this, but I want to show the world that we are far from a free world.” You can see the full post below:

WARNING: Graphic image below.

I'm sorry if anyone didn't want to see this, but I want to show the world that we are far from a free world. To think that if I would have bought different pants or decided to look differently would have prevented something so hateful and physically but more so mentally and emotionally traumatizing from happening. As hard as it is to believe me and my friends did nothing to cause confrontation, all it takes is one hateful person with too much power and an opinion of his own to put me and my friends in a situation that left our loved ones terrified that they may never see us again in their life. For one man to try and murder 3 people that he would never have to see again in his life because his one opinion of how we have decided to present ourselves. I'm so glad to be here another day and even more glad my friends Weston, Blake and brad our still here to show the world that being a man isn't measured by the amount of pain you can cause to one another but by the willingness to be someone that you love and the acceptance to love others for who they are. I live in a world that I am more scared of now than the last 25 years of my life. But the support myself and the people involved have received gives us a genuine reminder that change may not be complete, but the will and the love for it is there. I love Weston, Blake and brad and jess and anyone who's reached out from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for all these people and the support of my mother and wonderful girlfriend I'm not sure I would have wanted to make it off the operating table to live in a world that seemed so dark at the time. Thank you everyone for reminding me of not a life that is, but a life that can be, from the bottom of my heart.

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The perpetrator, who is reportedly a convicted felon, was originally charged with felonious assault, but now the police are labeling the case as a hate crime. “We took a look at the social media postings,” Sacramento Police Department officer Justin Brown says. “And we understand the allegations of that nature. We take it very seriously, in addition to assault.

The offender, now known as Timothy Brownell, was released on bail last night, before the charges were altered. There is currently a warrant out for his arrest.

Lyman was with Blake and Bradley Abbey, two local Sacramento musicians, when the stabbing occurred. They were also injured.

UPDATE 6/28: Timothy Brownell’s mother, Lori Brownell speaks out, claiming to the Sacramento Bee that she is “horrified” by the alleged actions of her son.

Brownell, openly gay, says that the altercation does not reflect the upbringing of her son, but is rather a reflection of the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that he is suffering, claiming, “He was very protective of me and took issue with anyone who has a problem with his mom being gay.” She also added, “I don’t think he’s homophobic. He’s never said anything derogatory.”

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