Enter Shikari Cancel Show Due To Rou Reynolds Hospitalization

enter shikari pr

Enter Shikari released a statement announcing the cancellation of their show in Bristol due to the hospitalization of the band’s frontman, Rou Reynolds. According to the statement, the singer suffered a “violent reaction to his nervous statement.” Currently, the reaction’s cause has not been made clear. Read the full statement below and be sure to leave Rou a get-well-soon message.

There’s no easy way of saying this.

Regrettably, we are going to have to cancel tonight’s show in Bristol. Sorry for leaving this so late in the day, but we 100% wanted to be sure there was no change before pulling the plug.

This morning, Rou was taken to Barnet Hospital in London, having suffered a violent reaction to his nervous system, (allergic? we’re awaiting test results. something yet to be established). He has attempted to rest and shake it off over the course of the day, but there has been no improvement even after leaving it this long to make the decision.

Obviously we sincerely regret letting people down (this is – as far as we can remember – only the third time we’ve ever had to cancel a show, ever), and we apologise to anyone who has already left home on way to the show.

We are looking at doing a replacement show AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and management are taking about potential dates with venue already. Hopefully we will have news on that very shortly.

We’ll also do meet and greet for everyone we can at the time, and apologise in person to as many of you as possible.

Again, we are very sorry.

We’ll give more information as and when we have it.

Refunds will be available for those who want them. We’ll have information on that too. When we’re in a position to know.

ES x

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