Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations

ronnie radke

Last night, a series of Facebook posts went around accusing Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke of rape, following a show at The Murray Theater in Utah, on June 3rd. The woman, Kacee Boswell, a 25 year-old Salt Lake City resident, took to social media after her friend posted about the alleged assault on Facebook. Boswell claims that Radke and several others forced themselves on her sexually in the back of the Falling In Reverse’s tour bus following Wednesday night’s show. Boswell said the men dumped her on the curb afterwards. The victim further posted that she has undergone a rape kit with the Murray police.

Radke has tweeted twice, seemingly about the matter: “people are so fucking stupid” and “like….seriously?”

You can see Boswell and her friends’ posts below:

Ronnie Radke Accusation 1

ronnie radke kb accusation 1

ronnie radke kb accusation 1 comments

ronnie radke accusation kb 2

Radke has released a statement to AltPress in response to the allegations, which can be read below:

“The Internet is a wonderful place because everyone has a voice. It’s also an awful place for the same reason. This isn’t the first time people have taken it upon themselves to spread ugly, unsubstantiated claims about myself and my friends. No one from our band or crew were arrested in Utah. After our show in Salt Lake City, we were concerned for someone who appeared to be under the influence and called 911. I personally spoke with law enforcement. I certainly was never under arrest or charged with any crime.”

When contacted by phone, the Salt Lake City Sheriff’s Department had no record of Radke ever being held by them.

AP has been in contact with the Murray City Police Department (which FIR’s attorney stated were the ones called to the scene) in Utah and left messages for the detective assigned to the case. Thus far, neither the band’s attorney nor AltPress has obtained a police report, and officers we spoke with had no further details at this time.

Boswell initially agreed to speak with AP as well, but later said she would be making a blog post about it instead. She then gave a statement to the New York Daily News, which you can read below:

“The alleged victim told the Daily News that she sustained a bruised jaw, a broken nose and vaginal tearing in the attack and filed a police report at the hospital. What made the attack even more emotionally painful, she added, was that she had known Radke for nine years and previously had consensual sexual relations with him.”

Along with alleged physical attack, Boswell has been receiving verbal abuse from Falling In Reverse Fans.

“I’ve never felt so attacked and hurt in my entire life,” the alleged victim told the New York Daily News. “There was one girl who wrote that based on my Facebook picture I look like a whore. I’ve been harassed non-stop.”

We’ll keep you updated on this story, but what do you think about these allegations?

UPDATE: Ronnie Radke Sues Accuser For Defamation.

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