REVIEW: Whale Bones – ‘The Seaside’ EP

whale bones

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I still get butterflies when a BAND reaches out to me and requests a review. As I get ready to hit the ‘play’ button, I find myself aflutter with nerves, wondering, “Will it be good or will I want to pull a Van Gogh and chop my ear off?”

But there was something about Whale Bones that I knew was different, from the get-go. “The Current” kicks off The Seaside EP with a stunning instrumental that beautifully flows into the rest of the song, which takes on an edgier approach. Something about it reminds me a bit of Go Radio and Anberlin, perhaps it’s the perfect rhythm, courtesy of Paul Lierman on drums. It’s only a simple, short track, but it has a powerful presence as an introduction, and flawlessly continues into “Hiding From The Sea.” The latter of which has an edge from the get-go; and, again, great rhythm. There is something that is so familiar about Whale Bones, and yet, something still very refreshing. The songwriting is perfection, with melodics, raw emotion, and a brilliant alternative rock track. “I’ve been hiding from the sea for too long,” Nathan Kane croons, leading into a verse that builds the song back up, higher, and higher, until it explodes. I can practically see the live show in my head…the lights going down, steadily building and then an explosion of brightness, and a crowd jumping into action. Lierman and Kane have a chemistry that is evident in every note, and not even halfway through the EP, leaves me completely awestruck, as evident on the melancholy, yet anthemic, “I Can’t Live Again.” There is something about this song, that, although seeming to admit defeat and self-loathing, has this lingering hope that creates an almost ethereal, dizzying feeling to it.

“Exhausted Forgiveness” begins with the intimacy of an acoustic live performance, and carries on the beauty of The Seaside EP with poetic, clever lyrics, helpfully delivered by gorgeous harmonies, blending seamlessly into “Seaside,” which perfectly finishes off the five-track EP.

Collectively, The Seaside EP is like a comet; it seemingly comes out of nowhere, and leaves you wanting more when it fades away, just a light printed on the back of your eyelids. The more I listen to each song, the more I find myself wanting to see Whale Bones live, or at least hear a complete album.

The Seaside EP will be released on July 14th, 2015.

For more on Whale Bones, click HERE.

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