Rachel Potter Releases “Jesus and Jezebel” Music Video

rachael potter

Rachel Potter just released her new video for her latest single, “Jesus and Jezebel,” which premiered on Entertainment Tonight. After up growing up in a Baptist church, and seeing some of those that she loved discriminated against, Potter was inspired to take a stand and let her voice be heard on this track.

“This is a very sensitive subject in the world of country music, but I think people are ready to hear something like this… something that takes a risk and pushes the envelope,” Potter says. “This song is for those who feel like they have no voice and feel unwelcome wherever they are, especially in country music.” The track appears on her first full length album, Not So Black And White, which was released back in March.

Already featured in such notable outlets as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Taste of Country, The Boot, Country Weekly and more, Not So Black And White features original songs as well as a studio version of “Somebody To Love,” the Queen cover which earned Potter spot as a finalist on The X Factor.

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