REVIEW: Kate Copeland – ‘Recollection Room’

kate copeland

Straight from the get-go, Kate Copeland will entrance you on her new album, Recollection Room. Kicking off with “A Simple Word,” Copeland shines on this hauntingly beautiful introduction. There’s a true soul to this track, with pure beauty, a love song of cosmic proportions. There’s something about this track that feels like the universe exploding…perhaps its just how profoundly groundbreaking it sounds in its simplicity. Kate Copeland will pull you in without you even noticing it; a siren’s song, not unlike, “Ten Silver Apples,” which sounds like a lullaby, or an eerier song from Mary Poppins (PS, check out the Dexy’s Midnight Runner reference in the latter track).

“My Cruel Tongue” has an edge to it; sharp lyrics, which matches the title of the track perfectly. There’s a misty bar, seventies undertone to it, with indie progression, steady rhythm, and stunning harmonics (see also “Wintersong”).

However, it is the poetic “Far Away Place” that tugs at heartstrings, for sure, with its stunning melodics, and beautiful arrangement. Copeland showcases just how beautiful her vocals are, and this song is by far one of the most well-crafted pieces of work I’ve ever heard, and this is from someone who reviews 30+ albums a year. It swells with rich instrumentals that envelope you as they blare through the speakers, leading perfectly into the perfectly simple “Breaking,” with this beautiful indie-film soundtrack vibe to it. Can I please please please hear this and “Sarah Walks / Daybreak” in a film? They’re so gorgeous. Both songs build, and continually leave me mesmerized.

“A Seam Down The Middle” is a surprise on the album, showcasing a cabaret, jazzy style to it, with gorgeous lounge instrumentals, but Copeland quickly comes back to this melodically modern tone, rivaling that of Sara Bareilles on her debut album (“Trouble,” “Rosaline”). “Leave You To The Sea” is another surprise, as a wonderful, sharp, break-up anthem. It has this feeling of refreshing moving on and the pure beauty of moving forward, and leaving a jerk behind. I had no idea you could be so refreshingly certain with such a happy instrumental. It cements the thought that this is truly an incredible album.

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