Alejandro Meola & Robinsones Premiere New Single, “Purple”

Alejandro Meola

Rock and blues composer Alejandro Meola exclusively premiered his new single, “Purple,” on Indie Shuffle Today. His new EP, First Impressions, will be released worldwide on July 15th.

“I could have called it ‘First Impressions of New York,’ easily…. It’s essentially the musical expression of this inner revolution I’ve experienced in the past couple of years since I first moved to New York from Buenos Aires. The people, the streets, the language, the bars, the food, the fashion, they are all imprinted in these new songs. Not mentioned once literarily in the lyrics but in the sound.  The sound is different. And by different I mean new,” says the Latin troubadour.
Robinsones, named after a passage from the book El Eternauta by Hector Oesterheld is a slang castilian reference to the Robinson Crusoe, are an ever changing concept unto itself.

“As much as I enjoy and respect the acoustic singer- songwriter format, since my very early recordings in Buenos Aires there’s always been a full electric band involved. The decision of putting a name to it has to do with recognizing that fact and somehow institutionalizing it. It’s a family.  It’s a musical platform.  It’s an art collective.  It comprehends all current, past and future musicians that with skills and talent contribute directly to the resulting sound of this project.…. and Robinsones is never preceded by “the.”  It’s Robinsones alone.  Preceded by “and” Robinsones never “the” haha!”

You can stream “Purple” below:
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