VIDEO: Operator – “Ruin”


Post-hardcore five-piece Operator have just released their brand new video for their latest single, “Ruin.” The track utilizes black and white, tightly-framed shots, mixing up the typical performance video. The Tampa-based band balances the hardcore sound with some melodics, making the track interesting, to say the least.

Operator is currently offering the track as a free download for a limited time via their BandCamp page. Below, you can see the band’s upcoming tour dates, as well as the new video.

Stylistically, this song is a step closer to what we originally imagined the band to sound like,” says vocalist Chris Constanza. “It’s taken some time to actually flesh out our sound, despite having a distinct vision for it back when we started. I hope our progression is evident in this music and continues to be apparent for our future releases.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

May 8 – St. George Island, FL @ JBG Rockfest (Day 1)

May 9 – St. George Island, FL @ JBG Rockfest (Day 2)

May 10 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar

May 23 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Burgatory Fest

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