REVIEW: Millennial – ‘Millennial EP’


Millennial manage to entrance listeners from the get-go of their self-titled EP with, “Dreamers,” which sparks the fire, perfectly capturing the emotions that push us to dream. With a transient sound, Millennial showcase raw power with strong vocals and rock and roll edge contrasting beautiful with upbeat sounds.

“Now Or Never” brings energy on a whole new level, proving to be catchy as hell, featuring gruffer vocals reminiscent of Imagine Dragons. Slower verses make this like HIIT training: bursts of energy, and then nice and chilled. The utilization of group vocals gives it a brilliant live feel, and makes me really want to see this performed live, with it’s big drums, etc. Definite crowd-pleasing track, but still radiates pure quality.

Of course, that’s not to say that Millennial don’t switch it up throughout the EP. The band freely explores their more mellow, softer side with tracks like “Don’t Go.” The song is slower and more melancholy, seemingly about loving someone who’s been through fame and not had the best experience. “Don’t go changing […] this world can be so cruel, but your life’s worth saving […],” Rodney Eldridge croons, tugging on heartstrings. The more I play the track, the more vulnerable each line sounds. The instrumental is incredible, with a guitar solo that will rock you to your very core. It’s hard not fall in love with the band when you hear a song with so much soul and originality. It’s the best track on the EP, without question, and makes Millennial stand out as a rising star in the ever-changing industry.

“Somehow” has a mellow sound to begin with, reminiscent of some of the early 2000’s rock hits. Booming style and great use of rhythm give the track a cinematic feel, showcasing the talents of each band member, as well as bringing a visual to mind with each beat.

Finishing off with the EP’s lead single, “Paralyzed” carries the ending with a brilliant instrumental, expressing an unapologetic heart-on-your-sleeve approach, resulting in a radio-worthy anthem. Like a constellation of musical genius, Millennial will light up your playlist with each track of their self-titled EP.

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