REVIEW: Midnight Pilot – ‘Midnight Pilot’

midnight pilot

“Give Me What You Gave To Him” starts the album off with a melancholy, soulful sound, bringing to life the story of a man who gives his all in a relationship, but receives nothing back, and gets, it would appear, cheated on. The instrumental builds throughout the song, coming to include a rich string section that will send shivers up your spine. It’s a beautifully written track, reminiscent of classic rock/blues style, with fantastic rhythm. A live set comes to mind; I can almost see the crowd and the lights in front of me as I listen to the song again and again, especially when you add in the soaring choir vocals accompanies by bluesy guitar. Midnight Pilot showcase their stunning, soulful style on multiple tracks, such as “Losing The Heart,” “Let Loose,” and “Better Man.”

The album overall has such a classic style, which is seen just in the style of writing on tracks like “Elizabeth,” reminiscent of songs from the 70s/80s when the woman who was the subject of the writer’s heartbreak, lust, affection, etc. was the main part of the chorus as well, and not just a passing thought.

However, it is the likes of “Again and Again,” “Taking My Chances,” and “Birds Fly South” that stand out wonderfully on the album. “Again and Again” has a great rhythm, with brilliant classic rock style. A laid back sound, contrasts beautifully with bittersweet lyrics and a tongue in cheek tone that is irresistible (see also “Another Opinion”). Think Weezer on this track, with booming group vocals alongside fantastic guitar parts. This is a track that pleads to be played live. “Taking My Chances” is slow-dance perfection. Perhaps my first slow-dance wouldn’t have been as awkward if this had been the track, as opposed to Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” (super depressing first dance track, just FYI). The vocals are top notch, and weave themselves into the instrumentals with perfection. The piano and guitar just make me want to blast it on repeat. Speaking of instrumentals, “Birds Fly South” utilizes a Mariachi-esque sound combined with the rhythm of flamenco, sure to bring out listeners’ wanderlust.

“Break In” has a steady rhythm, offers words of encouragement, and feels cinematic in many ways, like the epiphany of a main character…or a track open to interpretive dance moves with the impressive string instrumentals, although the band doesn’t seem to stick themselves in a box. “Take Me There” allows for a strong country/folk vibe.

Finishing off with “By My Side,” Midnight Pilot leaves the album off with a gorgeous instrumental and well-pieced track. With a beautiful arrangement, the song is a perfect end to a flawless album.

Midnight Pilot’s Midnight Pilot drops tomorrow, May 5th. Click HERE for more on the band.

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