REVIEW: A Love Like Pi – ‘Jack and The Giant’ EP

jack and the giant

If you’re looking for something different to help put some spring in your step this season, look no further than A Love Like Pi. The Brooklyn-based band just released their EP, Jack and The Giant, and it beautifully showcases their unique fusion of electro/synth-pop/rock with ease. Kicking off with “Atlas,” and its space-age vibe, with an edge of intrigue to it. The track builds toward an electro-pop centered tune that is filled with originality. A Love Like Pi have a sound that is definitely memorable, melodic, fun, and entrancing in so many ways. As an introduction to the EP, the track is brilliant, building to a Warped-worthy anthem filled with strong instrumentals, group vocals, and a raw passion to it, which stands out once again on the title track of the EP. “Jack and the Giant” has an ethereal, haunting quality to begin; it’s rhythmic, the epitome of a chill-out song. It seems to perfectly sum up the agony of growing up: the internal conflict between becoming more responsible and wanting to maintain a childlike wonder with the world. It’s the growing distance between yourself and your imagination, all expressed through impressive vocals, similarly showcased on “Cats,” although I’m not really sure what the “wawawa” sound is meant to be, but I’ll assume it ties into the whole “cat” concept. However, the rest of the song has well-written lyrics, and, much like its predecessor, builds into a great bridge that rounds out the track perfectly, and gives it more of a rock quality seen on other tracks (such as “Sorry”).

“Dirty Work” seems to be the richest in instrumental quality, framed by poetic lyrics, and catchy as hell. It’s got a rhythm to it that makes you want to dance around the room, singing, and pretending to be much cooler than the average Joe. This would make a fantastic single, and a perfect introduction to the band, showing just how poised for radio play they are.

With a stand-out EP like Jack and The Giant, A Love Like Pi are putting their mark on the map.

Jack And The Giant EP is out NOW. Click here for more on A Love Like PI.

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