Hayley Williams and Gerard Way Defend Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean

At the premiere of the new Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage Of Heck, Tuesday night, Frances Bean Cobain, who normally avoids the limelight, stepped up to give an admirable speech.

“The reason I’ve been able to watch it six times is because of the film [director Brett Morgen] made,” Cobain said. “I didn’t know Kurt … He was a human being and I think that’s been lost within the romanticism and the myth of him and his story. What this movie will provide, hopefully, is a real understanding of who he was. And I feel like he’d be really proud to have this movie made about him. So I’d like to thank Brett a lot.”

However, instead of commending her speech, many tabloids decided to show more interested in the 22-year-old executive producer’s appearance at the event, leaving Cobain to respond via Twitter, saying, “Apparently, I’m not well because I dressed like morticia Addams last night and am pale? Okay media spin cycle, okay. #slownewsday.”

Many prominent figures and artists stood up for Cobain on Twitter, including Paramore front woman Hayley Williams and Gerard Way (ex-My Chemical Romance), who chimed in with a rock and roll, “F the media and the sun.”

Williams tweeted out her support for Cobain, saying, “I get psyched every time people don’t understand how I dress. It’s like they’re congratulating you for being your own! Go you.”

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