Jamaican Queens Premiere New Video

jamaican queens

Detroit experimental-pop trio Jamaican Queens recently premiered their track “Love Is Impossible,” and have now released a music video for the track, taken from their new full-length album Downers available June 2 (Freakish Pleasures label). You can view the new video below, as well as the 20 new tour dates added to their 2015 tour itinerary, with more to be announced.

With the video, the band wanted to create a visual representation of the songs meaning  “impossible love.” “I came out to Detroit with only the most basic framework of an idea: to hypothesize a relationship between societal control and sexual control with two policemen as central characters,” said director Izaak Schlossman. “Writing and shooting the video was a very open and democratic process; most everyone decided on the specifics of their roles, or provided some other flourish that made the video more fun and interesting to work on together. It felt like we were making our own weird Factory film, playing make-believe in the street.”

Ryan Spencer, Jamaican Queens’ songwriter/producer, penned the song when coming down from a brutal depression. “My only real relationship had ended three months prior, but with spring’s return, I felt hopeful. I realized that life isn’t as horrible as I had convinced myself over the previous winter. I was still disenchanted with love and relationships in general, but discovered I could be happy alone, and as cliché as it sounds, time will eventually heal old wounds,” he explains.


DATE                     CITY/STATE                         VENUE

April 30                   Grand Rapids, MI                 Founders

May 7                      Toronto, ON                         Canadian Music Weekly – Smiling Buddha

May 8                      Toronto, ON                         Canadian Music Weekly – Smiling Buddha

May 9                      Toronto, ON                         Canadian Music Weekly – Smiling Buddha

May 10                    Toronto, ON                         Canadian Music Weekly – Smiling Buddha

June 6                     Detroit, MI                             Majestic Café

June 10                   Cincinnati, OH                       MOTR Pub

June 11                    Dayton, OH                          Blind Bob’s

June 12                    Columbus, OH                     Double Happiness

June 18                    Brooklyn, NY                       Palisades

June 20                   Boston, MA                          The Sinclair

July 9                       Kalamazoo, MI                     Bells Brewery

July 18                     Kansas City, MO                  FOKL

July 19                     Lincoln, NE                           Duffy’s

August 7                 Austin, TX                              Stubbs

August 8                 Dallas, TX                              The Foundry

August 12               Springfield, MO                      Outland

August 15               Knoxville, TN                          Pilot Light

August 17               Asheville, TN                          The Mothlight

August 19               Atlanta, GA                             529

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