Watch The Swellers’ Final US Show


On April 4th, in Anaheim, California, yet another amazing band played their final US show: Flint, Michigan’s pop-punk quartet The Swellers. The band announced their final tours a few months back, leaving many fans shocked and disappointed. Thankfully, the band recorded their final US performance at Chain Reaction so that everyone had a little something to look forward to…and a nice viewing party for those who couldn’t attend the show.

You can view the entire 90-minute set below, or, do as I do, not as I say: “watch later” on your TV (if you can access YouTube that way).

Despite the fact that this was the Swellers’ final U.S. performance, the band still have a final European tour to look forward to.


Apr 21 Rainbow Birmingham, United Kingdom
Apr 22 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom
Apr 23 Audio Glasgow, United Kingdom
Apr 24 Key Club Leeds, United Kingdom
Apr 25 HIT THE DECK FESTIVAL Bristol, United Kingdom
Apr 26 HIT THE DECK Nottingham, United Kingdom
Apr 27 The Dome Tufnell Park London, United Kingdom
Apr 28 The Hope Brighton, United Kingdom
Apr 30 Dynamo Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 02 Groezrock Festival Meerhout, Belgium

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