REVIEW: Jennie Abrahamson – ‘Gemini Gemini’

jennie abrahamson

People often complain of albums that don’t express thoughts/emotions openly. But these people obviously haven’t heard Gemini Gemini, the latest release from Jennie Abrahamson. With straightforward lyrics and modern, cool indie-pop instrumentals, drawing on 80’s-esque synth, and melodic arrangements, Abrahamson has crafted a unique piece of art.

“Snowstorm” is ethereal, entrancing listeners with sounds that act as a great introduction to the album, showing off Abrahamson’s vocal range and versatile styles, all the while maintaining a pretty constant rhythm and pace. When “The War” starts off with a rich, luscious sound, like an orchestra about to begin, rolling, tribal-esque beats, and a demand for equal rights, a call to arms, if you will, leads way to stunning harmonics and impressive vocal layering that make the song pop as, hands down, one of the best on the album.

Abrahamson’s feather-light, striking vocals contrast beautifully with some of the big, booming beats and raw melody featured on the album, as seen on tracks like “Wolf,” “Entity,” “Saved,” and “Wild Is The Heart,” all of which seem to boast 80’s nuances.

“Phoenix” is filled with pure rhythm, consisting of clapping, and soft, but deliberate keys on the piano. The track is haunting, and sends shivers down the spine, transitioning perfectly into “Dance With Me” which blends indie-quality and pop-mentality, crafting a beautiful follow-up to a track I didn’t think could be topped.

That’s not say the album is perfect. “Let’s Have a Child” is nerve-wracking from the get-go, what with its bold, run-for-the-hills, horror slasher for all commitment phobes. Apart from being a very blunt way of expressing a desire to take the very next, and possibly last step one can take, in a relationship, the track does illustrate the use of utilizing lesser-known instruments. It is definitely original, even if it is hard to fully relate to…

However, it is “Lake Geneva” that proves to be the true star of the album. It’s melodic, soft, and a complete shock on the album. Every note seems to possess the beauty and heart of a full album all on its own. It is entrancing just to listen to for a moment, pulling you in from the get-go.

For the pop songstresses first official UK album release, Gemini Gemini is definitely a powerful introduction, filled with clever, emotive arrangements, all working towards a central theme.

 Gemini Gemini is out NOW.

For more on Jennie Abrahamson or to purchase a CD, please click HERE.

Jennie is currently on tour supporting former Genesis lynchpin Peter Gabriel (UK Tour Dates below).

2015 Live Dates – Jennie Abrahamson

6/2 Spira, JÖNKÖPING
7/2 Mejeriet, LUND
13/2 Kafé de Luxe, VÄXJÖ
14/2 Where’s the Music Festival, NORRKÖPING
19/2 JAJAJA at the Lexington, LONDON
26/2 Dunkers, HELSINGBORG
28/2 Skottvångs Grufva, MARIEFRED
5/3 Kulturhuset, STOCKHOLM


2014 UK Live Tour, supporting Peter Gabriel:

11.28 – Birmingham, LG Arena
11.30 – Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena

12.1 – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
12.3 – London, Wembley Arena
12.4 – Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
12.7 – Liverpool, Echo Arena
12.8 – Aberdeen, Exhibition Centre
12.10 – Dublin, O2 Arena

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