Afrikan Boy Releases “Eje Aiye” as Part of Gemma Cairney’s ‘Body Of Songs’

Afrikan Boy

Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney has started to curate songs inspired by the mysteries of the human body to form her incredible new music project, Body Of Songs. The collection is a groundbreaking fusion of music and science, bringing together some of Britain’s most talented musicians to create a group of songs inspired by our inner workings.

All of the acts involved have met with specialists, doctors, et cetera, to explore the body and get inspiration for new musical projects. Check out more on the project below:

Afrikan Boy is the latest artist to unveil his track, featuring Bumi Thomas and Adio, for the project, inspired by blood. “Our song is named ‘Eje Aiye,’ which means ‘life blood or the blood of life’ in Yoruba, and is inspired by the three main functions of blood; protect, repair, and transport,” he explains.

You can stream the song below:

You can check out the Body Of Songs: 10 Major Artists, 10 Songs, 10 Body Parts, HERE.

The results of the experiment were incredible; from the moving, cinematic sounds of Dave Okumu’s “Grateful Heart,” to Afrikan Boy’s fusion of UK and Africa in “Eje Aiye.”

The artists’ scientific journeys have been guided with help from inspirational clinician, Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance.

With a line-up of incredible artists, curated by Gemma Cairney (Radio 1), Llywelyn Ap Myrrdin (composer) and Beth Clayton the remaining four songs and body organs from musicians at the peak of their creative powers will be released ahead of the final album in summer 2015.

Body Of Songs is supported by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England. With special thanks to University College London Hospital and the NHS.

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2 thoughts on “Afrikan Boy Releases “Eje Aiye” as Part of Gemma Cairney’s ‘Body Of Songs’

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