4th ‘N Goal Cover Bring Me The Horizon

4th n goal pr

Photo credit: Ilaria Poletti

Milan-based easycore/pop-punk group 4th ‘N Goal have released a new music video for their cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown.” The video, shot by Stefano “Santy” Baylor and edited by Simone Riva, is a parody, offering a clever spin on the original concept.

As soon as the song came out we immediately considered covering it 4NG style,” says Mocho (vox). “We gave it some thought and then realized the video would have been an interesting thing to re-do. We could have never done it seriously so we opted for comedy, bringing in our usual comic flair and characters. This is the result: we can say we’re pretty stoked!

You can stream the video below:

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  1. […] Italian pop-punk group 4th ‘N Goal have announced the release of their new EP, Turn On The Light, which is set for April 21st. […]

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