REVIEW: Sundressed – ‘Dig Up a Miracle’


Take This To Heart Records announced the signing of Phoenix, AZ natives, Sundressed, the other day, as well as the release of Dig Up a Miracle, their brand new album, available April 7th. The album is filled with high-energy, honest tracks that effortlessly blend storytelling, melodies, and booming, sing-along choruses.

“The Dirt” kicks the album off with strong vocals, vividly depicting the conflicted thoughts of a man who wants to do what he desires, but is facing what he is told. Sundressed present pop-punk with an edge, detailing the difficulty of sticking to sobriety when feeling like an outcast as everyone drinks and has drunken fun (“When all my friends are drinking, I don’t know what I’m gonna do…”). Despite the melancholy subject, the track is high energy, crafted with clever, honest lyrics. As the song slows down at the end, it reflects the true emotion jammed into the track. “Curveball” maintains the precedent set by its predecessor with a bass-heavy instrumental, catchy beat, harmonies, and an energetic chorus that really makes the song. The song details the stress of every day life bringing you down, but seems to give a middle finger to the world. This is the song that you play while you shake off a bad day with a psycho boss breathing down your neck. It’s full of vivid imagery, and seems to be a commentary on this generation’s materialistic thought process.

Tracks like “Dig Up a Miracle” and “Naked” both utilize harmonization and catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up on and sing along to…loudly and obnoxiously. The title track is the narrative of a recovered addict to a current addict, obviously looking for a miracle, with Hedge’s powerful vocals booming, “A pill can’t fix this! Read these books, but don’t follow them exactly[…] Honest as hell, you can probably tell that I once was a boy like you…,” and epic instrumentals worthy of a summer festival finishing off the track. Similarly, “Naked” has a raw, booming power to it, as well as excellent harmonizations. The addiction of a female vocal softens the song, providing more depth, and creating a ridiculously beautiful sound.

Despite the high-energy, pop-punk style, Sundressed’s new album is rich with emotion, as seen on “Moving Out,” a very sweet track about growing up and moving out, but “never moving out of your heart,” and features some of the most melodic moments on the album. However, it is “Best Of/Worst Of” that finishes off Dig Up A Miracle beautifully and expresses the most shockingly vulnerable presence. A slow-starting track with distorted vocals, and a promise to be stronger, the song joins the other tracks in pace, but pulls the energy back a bit. It’s a very vulnerable track, decorated by soft harmonizations and old pop-punk ’03 nostalgia.

Dig Up A Miracle is an electrifying new album from Sundressed. From the opening notes, it is a booming presence, showcasing the band’s talents excellently, and leaving listeners wanting more. Better get the repeat button ready…

Pre-Order 12″/CD/Digital:

Six years ago, Sundressed singer/guitarist Trevor Hedges was dead to rights on a bed in an Arizona hospital, having succumbed to his addiction. His struggles with addiction are detailed vividly on Dig Up A Miracle.

“This release is a culmination of a journey to find the Sundressed sound that came to fruition with Garrett Tretta (drums), Forest Waldorf (Guitar) and Evan Kees (Bass). Lyrically, it deals with continuing the struggle of living a sober life despite a rough past of addiction, while finding hope and passion for life,” Trevor explains. “Music has been vital to my sobriety and hope anyone who struggles with any kind of life altering malady can find hope in our songs.”

Sundressed will release “Dig Up A Miracle” on April 7th via Take This To Heart Records on 12”/CD/Digital. They will also be touring with the Heartless Breakers. You can see the dates below:

heartless breakers

Dates W/ Heartless Breakers
4/16 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
4/17 Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle
4/18 Albuquerque, NM @ Duke City Sound
4/19 El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
4/20 Tucson, AZ @ Gary’s Place
4/21 Phoenix, AZ @ Secret Venue
4/22 Los Angeles, CA @ White Oak Music
4/23 Pomona, CA @ DBA 256
4/24 Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza
4/25 San Francisco, CA @ The Epicentre
4/26 Eugene, OR @ The Boreal
4/27 Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe
4/28 Boise, ID @ The Shredder
4/29 Logan, UT @ Why Sound

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