Youth League Signs With Cardigan Records

Youth League

Post-pop trio from Wilmington, North Carolina (greatest town ever, just so we’re clear), Youth League, has joined the Cardigan Records roster. Brothers Mike (guitar/vox) and Zack Large (drums) formed the band in 2014, brining in bassist Jaffar Omar Obi Castillion-Martinez, creating something that, in just shy of a year, has become quite special, with their new single, “Young/Old” already showing off the possibilities for the band’s talents.

Their debut EP, First, will be released on April 21st; the first single, “Young/Old,” can be streamed below:

To be on board with such a talented group of people is truly amazing! We are beyond excited be part of the Cardigan Records family!” says Mike Large. “Our First EP is simply a labor of love for every person who’s supported us since we decided to try and make noise together. Thanks for caring.

Pre-order First Here

Upcoming Tour with Iselia, Bear Girl, and ipretend surprise!

April 22nd – Greenville, NC – Limelight (Tipsy Teapot)
April 23rd – Raleigh, NC – Deep South The Bar
April 24th – Wilmington, NC – Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern
April 25th – Fayetteville, NC – Drunk Horse Pub
April 26th – Virginia Beach, VA – Retro Cafe

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2 thoughts on “Youth League Signs With Cardigan Records

  1. […] Youth League, the post-pop trio from Wilmington, NC, have just released a new music video for a song off their debut EP First. The instrumentally-driven track, “For John,” is full of character, starting off quite modestly before building to an explosive passion…all without words. You can watch the video below. […]

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