REVIEW: Hit The Lights – ‘Summer Bones’

hit the lights

Hit The Lights are back with their new album, Summer Bones, out March 24th. Perfectly leading us through spring, and amping us up for the summer, the pop-punk group have proven why they’ve stuck around for so long. If you’re craving Warped tour, or know you have to miss this year’s, play this album and have a mini Warped in your room. The band open up the summer theme and kickstart the energy with “Fucked Up Kids,” launching the collection of anthemic songs with a style all their own. “The Real” maintains that energy, with a bit more of an edge. The track highlights the need of this generation to be original, as well as offering up a plea of being honest and facing problems head on. With a wonderful breakdown, the track ends on a high note, skipping the fade out all together, and transitioning perfectly into “Life On The Bottom.” From this point on, group vocals are a power-player on the album, making listeners feel like they’re fourteen all over again. The track blends subtle, enjoyable harmonies and melodics with punk instrumentals and clever lyrics delivered via booming vocals (see also: “Sitter”).

“Revolutions and Executions” makes me think a Hit The Lights/Sleeping With Sirens headlining tour is in order. Hit The Lights mixes hardcore/classic rock instrumental styles (as seen on “Blasphemy, Myself, and I,” and its intriguing contrast in style), which comes into play with the more pop-punk “No Filter.” Named with a dose of sarcasm, the track is melodic, with a catchy beat, featuring guitar parts that will make you swoon. It is perfection. The vocals and overall style just feel like the first time you go to a rock show and you feel invincible. It’s a break-up anthem, if I’ve ever heard one, and showcases the consistency of Hit The Lights to craft songs that are ridiculously catchy and make you want to dance and have fun, as well as poking fun at our social media-obsessed world.

The title track, “Summer Bones,” starts off slower, sounds like the interlude of a show. I love the live feel to the track, and the imagery in the narrative takes you back to Lima with the band (much like “Old Friends”). It is perfect. Breaks down into a chorus that sends chills down my spine. It’s relatable. It feels like a modern version of “Summer of ’69,” with a bit more teen angst ala Nirvana. If I could put the chorus on repeat, I would. Something about it just embeds itself in my brain and produces those happy chemicals.

Finishing off the album, Hit The Lights don’t let their energy drop with “Keep Your Head.” If anything, they get stronger and louder. Harder chord progressions, more in-your-face style, although the bride/chorus are beautifully melodic. Parts of me would love to hear it done acoustically as well. “Keep your head up! (You keep pulling me under)…” It’s a very quick outro, but it leaves a lasting impression, much like the band themselves.

Summer Bones is out March 24th.

For more on Hit The Lights or to pre-order an album or buy concert tickets, click HERE.

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