Geppetto and The Whales Unveil New Track

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The Belgian psychedelic folk-pop rock, and self-described “melancholic indie,” band, Geppetto and The Whales, have just unveiled “Heads,” from their debut single, 1814 / Heads, released worldwide. You can stream the country-esque track, complete with a banjo, below:



The other side of the single, “1814,” is a hauntingly beautiful, dark love song crafted perfectly to become a winter anthem of sorts, retelling a war story. You can also stream the single below. As the band’s debut single, it speaks volumes of their storytelling abilities and musical talents.



The band’s own Sander Sterkens from the band explains, “We’re very excited to introduce you to our single […] This song is based on a 200 year old diary from someone who lived in the same village as we do. He had to fight in a Napoleonic war against his own people, was captured in Russia, escaped, and made his way home on a 7,000 mile foot journey. The way he described the feeling of coming home after so many years is what we’ve tried to capture with this song.”

Backed by the B-side, “Heads,” the tracks coincide to give a reflective, versatile quality that blends beautifully.


gepetto and the whales

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