Michael Malarkey (TV’s Vampire Diaries) Releases New Single, Appearing in London


American actor turned songwriter/musician Michael Malarkey, has released a new single, Through The Night and Back Again. Malarkey, most famous for his acting career (specifically his role as “Enzo” on the TV adaptation of The Vampire Diaries), will be live in London on the 8th of January for his first UK show. Tickets sold out in about two days.

The new single is taken from his upcoming EP, Feed The Flames, which is due out as a 10″ vinyl on the 8th of January, and is available for download now . You can stream it below.



“Through The Night and Back Again” has the beautiful simplicity of a singer/songwriter tune, with a poetic, almost Bob-Dylan-esque effect. The more it plays, the more in love your ears will become, especially with the soft, quick picking of the guitar, and the small-show intimacy the single brings to mind.

Born in the Lebanon, raised in the Midwest US state of Ohio and trained in London, Michael Malarkey is an Atlanta-based actor/musician. After singing in various punk and hardcore bands as a teen, Michael taught himself guitar and worked on self penned songs, developing his story-telling abilities and alternative folk sounds. Feed The Flames is his upcoming EP, said to give a playful commentary on the world around him with a beautiful guitar soundtrack. Check out the track listing below.


Feed The Flames EP Track Listing:

  1. Through The Night And Back Again
  2. Feed The Flames
  3. Everything’s Burned
  4. Lost And Sound
  5. The Bells Still Ring



Live in London

 8Th January 2015 – Wilton’s Music Hall, London




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  1. […] 39. Michael Malarkey – The talented actor/musician is known for playing Enzo on The Vampire Diaries, but has also showcased a talent for Bob Dylan-like storytelling. After playing various punk and hardcore bands in his youth, Malarkey has developed his storytelling abilities and his alternative folk rock style.        Facebook […]

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