Hannah Schneider Releases “Wild Open” Single

Hannah Scheider

Denmarks’ Hannah Schneider is proving just what it means to be a bold artist in the music business. After leaving the classical traditions of international fame, she took the stage alone with just a pile of instruments at her side. Now on her third album, Schneider is making an even bigger impact than she ever has before.

With her grandfather being a famed violinist (Alexander Schneider of the Budapest String Quartet), it’s no small feat to imagine the history of her family in all of its beauty. Alexander found himself in the US in the 1930s (later becoming a father), known to also have a woman in “every port,” including one who gave him a daughter in Copenhagen. When his American son visited his half-sister, he fell in love with her bohemian lifestyle, choosing to stay in Denmark, where he met a Danish violinist, which led to the talented artist that is Hannah Schneider.

Her latest album, Red Lines, is all about a balance between extremes, taking her talents to new heights.

The new single, “Wild Open,” is a beautiful showcase of her stunning vocals, melodic thoughts, and an overall enchanting song. With the thumping of the drums, the free flowing sound of the rest of the instrumental, and the poetically clear lyrics, Schneider pulls listeners in and keeps them entranced.

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