Q&A: Deleasa


Pop artist Deleasa is becoming a new force in the music industry that is impossible to ignore. He’s previously toured in direct support to Olly Murs, Jason Castro, and The Jonas Brothers, as well as just capping off the Gran Tourismo tour in the fall. His new single, “Good People,” was released at the end of October, and the singer has been on a high since then.

Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?

Deleasa: I’m doing well, just wrapped this last run of dates and getting ready for my Holiday shows this december.

PS: You recently released your new single “Good People”. What do you want listeners to know about the tune?

D: That if you listen to it once, you get super human powers. Just kidding [laughs], I think this song paints a good picture of what’s to come in some of these up coming singles.

PS: Your second EP, Lil’ Something, came out over the summer. Did you change anything in regards to your approach, in comparison to with your debut?

D: With the last EP, Lil’ Something, I started to become more comfortable with technology and I feel in my newer stuff coming out I’m getting better at blending the world of tech and programming with more organic music. I had good people in my back pocket for a while and originally it was recorded with live drums, but after coming back to it with a bit of a new mind set, I wound up programming a new drum track for it.

PS: Where do you draw inspiration?

D:  Really I draw it from everywhere, there’s a lot of music that I’m constintly surrounded by, whether it’s going out at night, crate digging, or friends showing me new stuff. So all that inspiration sonically and what life throws at me day to day lead me where to go.  

PS: How did you get involved in music?

D: The drums is what hooked me at a young age, and then I played guitar in my first middle school pop-punk band ,and from there, it just never stopped.

PS: You’ve toured with a lot of big names, like Olly Murs and the Jonas Brothers. What was it like to go from, I imagine, smaller shows, to huge ones like that?

D: It’s cool, and I was very taken back by the crowds response on these bigger runs. I always say, “The more, the merrier,” but still, a room of 200 people that came to get down is just as powerful as 10,000.

PS: Having been touring for a while now, what do you think is the most important part of a good set?

D: Being tight and being connected with the guys you’re playing with.

PS: What was the best part of being on the Gran Tourismo Fall Tour?

D: Getting to watch Nick Thomas play; I was stoked to do a run with a guy who really carved out my listening years in high school and he still continues to write great songs.

PS: How do you survive boredom on the road?

D: I annoy Sean or just listen to music 

PS: Any last words?

D: Keep searching and supporting great music; I’m out.

For more on Deleasa, please click HERE. You can also purchase a CD or tickets to see Deleasa live HERE.

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