Q&A: Emergency Tiara

Emergency Tiara
In today’s world, artists need to be more than just talented. They need to be smart, determined, and stylish. Fresh-faced pop artist, Emergency Tiara seems to have no trouble bringing all of those qualities to the table. As an emerging “NYC tastemaker” (check her out as one of Time Out New York’s Most Stylish New Yorkers“), Emergency Tiara balances her time between crafting her upbeat, catchy sound and curating personal fashion and lifestyle content for her blog, The Emergency Tiara Diaries. She was also kind enough to sit with Planet Stereo and share her thoughts on music and fashion. Check it out below:
Planet Stereo: Thanks so much for doing the interview. How are you?
Emergency Tiara: I am fantastic, thank you!
PS: Your new EP, Until The Stroke of Midnight, just came out. How are listeners responding?
ET: People told me that they listen to the EP while they are driving or they wake up or sleep to it, which makes me so happy! I am so glad that my music is part of someone’s life!
PS: What is your favorite part about going into the studio?
ET: When my amazing musicians create some magical moments in my songs, which happens all the time!
PS: Would you mind walking me through the creative process?
ET: I usually co-write with my lovely writer friend Carrie Haber once a week, and once we have a few songs that we are very happy with, I will pass them on to my MD/Producer, Dave Cole, with some production ideas. After that, it’s all in his hands until I come into the studio to record the vocals, and, voila! [laughs] It sounds so much more than I have ever pictured.
PS: You’re also very involved in fashion and beauty. How do you think those two branches work in conjunction with music?
ET: It doesn’t have to be fashion, but, for my case, my mother loves fashion, so I grew up surrounded by beautiful pieces. Fashion has always made me happy, so I am just hoping that it enhances the happiness of my music more for everyone.
PS: I take it you’re a very visual person. How do you utilize fashion/beauty to enhance your appearance/performance on stage?
ET: Dressing up always makes me and my beautiful backing vocal ladies feel extra excited, and we hope that our excitement will translate on stage and make the audience excited as well.
PS: Do you have any tips for musicians in the spotlight about how to keep their look fresh?
ET: Hmm…I finally learned recently that every piece of clothing you love isn’t always the best outfit for you. I think it’s best to find what makes you the most you and stick with it!
PS: Fashion-wise, what do you aim for in a stage-ready outfit?
ET: Happy, girly, and retro!
PS: Are there any artist’s whose style you emulate? Both as a performer and in fashion?
ET: Audrey Hepburn, definitely! [laughs] [E/N: Me too! Every woman really should!]
PS: Any last words?
ET: Thank you for the interview! I hope my answers contribute something to someone’s day!
For more on Emergency Tiara, please click HERE.
Until The Stroke of Midnight is out NOW. 
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  2. […] 66. Emergency Tiara – The New York City-based pop artist and fashion blogger is smart, stylish, and determined to craft upbeat, catchy music to entertain the masses…and running a stellar fashion/lifestyle blog, of course. Her debut EP, Until The Stroke Of Midnight, was released in 2014, featuring the single, “Around.”                  Facebook      Website […]

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