REVIEW: Choir Vandals – ‘At Night’ EP

Choir Vandals EP


Choir Vandals have a dark, nostalgic feel that is evident from the first track of At Night. “Monsters” is reminiscent of classic rock and roll, with a mixture of raw quality and distortion to it. The chaotic feel brings the energy from the get-go. There is a quality to the instrumentals that remains consistent throughout the EP, with classic rock influences poking out subtly, without any ounce of imitation.

“Medicate” is edgy, cool, and filled with an angst that dominates from the opening lines to the final verse. With a festival-worthy sound, it’s easy to imagine a crowd jumping along to the beat, all putting fists in the air, screaming the lyrics back to the band. However, one thing I like is the way the song transitions into the next. There is a seamless movement between “Medicate” and “At Night and In The Rain,” which may be my favorite track on the EP. It’s catchy, clever, and filled with a rumbling storm of emotion. The track stands out at the forefront for its quiet power; it’s an unexpected game-changer for the EP, showing a side to the band that showcases their excellent ability to not only perform, but create.

It would appear that two different intensities separate the EP, which allows the listener to gage what Choir Vandals are capable of. If “Watch” is any example, the bass-heavy anthem has a determined sound that resonates throughout, with an explosion of raw power in the final bridge: shouting lyrics, stronger instrumentals, and a heavier overall attitude that packs a punch.

There is a brooding undertone to At Night, which probably aids in creating a very classic sound. Lyrically, Choir Vandals showcase an intricacy that brings them to the forefront of the band’s to watch this Fall, especially considering this is only the sophomore EP for the group.

CHOIR VANDALS are currently on tour alongside In Between and will be supporting Dads and Tiny Moving Parts on their Fall U.S. tour in November. Dates are listed below.

At Night by CHOIR VANDALS released on October 27th, 2014 via FITA Records & 6131 Records.

Tour Dates:

11/03 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s Downstairs +

11/04 Austin, TX @ Mohawk +

11/05 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey +

11/07 Tucson, AZ @ Gary’s Place +

11/08 Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock Live +

11/10 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction +

11/11 Los Angeles, CA @ EchoPlex +

11/12 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of The Hill +

11/14 Portland, OR @ Slabtown +

11/15 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project +

11/17 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court +

+ w/ Dads, Tiny Moving Parts

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