Go Wolf Just Want To “Talk To You”


As summer comes to an end, most of us are torn between our sadness at leaving the sunshine behind and our excitement of the leaves changing color and pumpkin spice everything coming back to every local cafe. Just like with every season, I am attempting to piece together a wistful goodbye playlist, but it’s finding those perfect songs that proves to be troublesome. That is, until I was linked to Go Wolf’s new song “Talk To You.”

There is something about it that is ethereal, with a rhythmic flare that reminds me of the best tunes from the late 80s/early 90s, and I cannot stop listening to it. Both catchy and entrancing, Go Wolf will have listeners singing along in no time, and definitely swaying to the beat. Just think, this is the song that will take you back to the beach while you’re back behind a school desk!


Click onto any of the following to find out more about this awesome band:


Website: http://www.lovegowolf.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LOVEGOWOLF

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One thought on “Go Wolf Just Want To “Talk To You”

  1. […] 8. GO WOLF – Belfast-based pop four-piece that create indie-pop with a flare reminiscent of the 80’s. If you love bands like Rooney, this is the group for you.  The earworms the band comes up with, much like their popular single, “Talk To You,” will have you singing along unknowingly and coming back for more.                  Facebook      Website […]

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