Anberlin On The Meaning of Lowborn


Stephen Christian of Anberlin has been running a Tumblr on which he posts each song’s lyrics and meanings, even going into the meaning behind each album title. He recently posted the meaning behind Lowborn. Read his explanation below.


The title comes from Psalms 62:9, it feels the entire chapter sums up our existence, and our existence in the band. The album cover is the brainchild of Nathan Young and Jordan Butcher.

The title is a mantra that we as ANBERLIN have always tried to adhere to, we never wanted to be ‘rock stars’ we never wanted people to think that we thought of ourselves as better than anyone. We hope that we were more than just a band, we hope in the end that we are considered friends; I felt this was the perfect message to leave out on.

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2 thoughts on “Anberlin On The Meaning of Lowborn

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