Warped 2014: Rob Lynch

Following the madness that is Warped Tour, is the madness that is editing. Editing interviews can take FOREVER. For those of you using iMovie, you will relate to my saga.

Anyway, we are slowly getting there!


Below, you can watch an interview with Rob Lynch, covering everything from crying fans to his bucket list, and even a fun game of #WarpedWYR.



Want to see some cool pictures from Warped Tour 2014? Click HERE. Don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ button!


One thought on “Warped 2014: Rob Lynch

  1. […] Rob Lynch, an English singer-songwriter, formerly known as Lost On Campus, has created and released the calendar that will be on your Most Wanted 2015 list. The Standing In The Way of Love is made up of photos of Lynch standing in front of couples while he is out and about. […]

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