REVIEW: Mark Weber ‘Crashing: In Color’

Crashing In Color Album Cover

New artists are a dime a dozen. Original artists are a bit more rare, unfortunately. Whenever the ‘play’ button is hit on an EP, I hold my breath until the music starts, just for fear that my ears will bleed. This is usually even worse when I listen to a sophomore EP, as I plead silently that the band doesn’t experience the legendary ‘sophomore slump.’ However, I was pleased to listen to Mark Weber’s follow-up EP, Crashing: In Color. Not only did it have an intriguing title, but it had me all-ears from start to finish.

The simple introduction to “Crashing In Color” is minimalist enough that it is entrancing. In fact, the whole first minute consist of a simple guitar and vocals that bring a rawness to the song. Then, the guitars kick in, bringing the song to life in a new way. With the contrasting styles featured on the track, Mark Weber showcases his incredible ability to be versatile, while remaining consistent with his overall tone. The single version, which closes out Crashing: In Color, is still immensely impressive, just carrying a more electrifying, summer-festival style power to it.

Although “Pages Turning” seems to have been approached with a similar formula, there is more of a punk/pop-punk edge that hits like the bass pounding from an amplifier at Warped Tour. The lyrics are harsh, but there is a conflicting emotion of “I detest you” to “I love you.” I suppose Weber has captured a tumultuous relationship well by putting the spotlight on the shifting emotions. Continuing with the more “punk” sound, “Novelist” has a vibe that reminds me a bit of late 90s, early 2000s. One of the longer tracks on Crashing: In Color, the song lives up to its name, telling a tale of woe and survival, accompanied by an electrifying instrumental.

“A Long Way To Go” begins with the simplicity of the first track, but has a poetry to it that makes it stand out in a noteworthy fashion, as well as coming across as a bit more theatrical. Like a shorter cousin, “Circles” has a similar impact, and, following its predecessor, will take listeners back to the early 2000s, reminiscent of the days as a child where music was the escape and “punk” was more than a word or a genre: it was a feeling.


Crashing: In Color is set to be released on July 15th, 2014.


For more on Mark Weber, please check out the following:

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