VIDEO: Weatherbox – “Pagan Baby”

What’s buzzing in San Diego? How about the band Weatherbox and their wonderfully simple music video for their single “Pagan Baby,” which they premiered via Entertainment Weekly? I remember being a kid and watching music videos that were simply done, but packed such a punch, especially when you could really process the song being played. Weatherbox’s new video takes me back to that time, where I was truly enthralled with videos. You can check it out below!

The band is currently embarking on a national tour, since the release of their seminal American Art in 2007, Weatherbox ignored every warning sign the cosmos hurled in their direction and released batch after batch of unique and personal songs via two LP’s, one EP, two singles and too many compilation tracks to count. Not to mention, they have consistently toured tens of thousands of U.S. highway miles with their friends in Say Anything, Cartel, The Front Bottoms, and Bad Books. Now freshly signed to Triple Crown Records, Weatherbox’s future is definitely one written for the musical history books.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Weatherbox – “Pagan Baby”

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