REVIEW: Jake Furia – ‘The Acoustic EP’


Jake Furia’s debut, The Acoustic EP, has a certain charm about it that can only be accomplished with acoustic music. Starting off with “Ulnet,” the guitar is truly stunning, and once those lyrics come in, with a poetic stance about them, it’s clear that this is a great first impression. Furia’s vocals get a bit stronger as the chorus hits, seeming to almost become thicker, if not a bit raspier, with frustration and emotion.

“Meet Me In L.A.” has an intimate live-show vibe to it, as well as intricate strumming that is both soothing and impressive. This is a bittersweet love song, with both female (Megan Mass) and male (Furia) perspectives chiming in. When Mass’s vocals kick in, there is an added layer of depth to the track, opening it up to its full emotional capacity by showing the emotions of both parties. Definitely a noteworthy track!

Stepping away ever so slightly from the typical acoustic sound, Furia takes on a Kurt Cobain like persona on “Crazy Woman.” There is a rough quality to Furia’s vocals that showcase him in a different, edgier way. In all truth, this is easily a favorite of mine, sounding more like something from an MTV Unplugged session than an acoustic debut EP.

One thing I really enjoyed about this EP was the fact that there are two live tracks featured on it. In many ways, this allows Furia’s talents to really shine through, as well as allowing listeners to hear that the quality is not just studio magic–it is legitimate talent. “Breathe” is both poetic and beautifully delivered. “Access To Ecstasy” even has the speaking parts and clapping crowd, adding even more to the feeling that you’re at a show, not just listening to The Acoustic EP coming from speakers. The guitar is a bit more simplistic, but no less lovely to listen to.

Overall, The Acoustic EP left a great first impression. The more I listen to it, the more I hear the great things coming for Jake Furia.

To purchase The Acoustic EP, please click HERE.

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