REVIEW: Beat The Heart – Waiting For a Sequel EP



Sequels get a pretty bad rap. Everyone thinks the sequel is never as good as the original, or that it destroys the image of the first one. Granted, film history has shown this to be true many a time, but Beat The Heart may just change the connotation of the word “sequel” with their new EP, Waiting For a Sequel.

The EP kicks off with “Like Marylou,” which slowly seems to fade in, building in character, much as a person would do; that’s the best way to describe this song. It is like meeting a person for the first time; it starts off shy and slow and then opens up, becoming familiar, with traits that stand out. Despite its quiet tone, there is a power that is impossible to ignore in this track, whether that be found in the perfectly executed vocals or the stunning instrumentation developed throughout. Either way, this is five minutes of your day very well-spent.

“Hymn For Fools” is entrancing from the get-go. Lyrically, the song is likened to poetry; a sonnet written in good faith that these words will be taken for the truth, with all the beauty that was intended. While the initial vibe of the song is indie, there is an edge of pop-punk that slips in, and the stoke along a guitar that whispers similarities to a power chord often struck in classic 80s rock. More impressive than that is the melody that is contained in the track, rounding it out to a poised-for-radio track. Of course, “Hymn for Fools” is followed by a song that easily rivals it for emotional depth. “Since You Came” is a strikingly simple addition to Waiting For a Sequel. Despite its minimalistic style, this song may inspire the most imagery and theatrics, matching it perfectly to the EP’s title. If I were entirely honest, I dare say that this is my favorite within the collection. The simple nature manages to be moving and bold with a contradicting shyness.

Closing out the EP with its title track, Beat The Heart seemed to have saved their most energetic tune for last. If this doesn’t garner play on the airwaves of an indie station, it would be a crime. This is the epitome of indie/rock with such an original, almost tangent energy to it, each line will find listeners continually in awe; the perfect, cinematic ending to an entertaining EP.

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Beat The Heart – Waiting For a Sequel EP

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