REVIEW: Transitshop – Velocity



From the get-go, Transitshop have an infectious, palpable energy about them. “Collective” seems to be both a reflection and a reassurance, all at once. The ultimate “things could always be worse, so please stop complaining” narration, the “woah-oh-oh”s will have listeners singing along at the top of their lungs.

“Life Goes On” has a retro style to it, reminiscent of something you might hear on the First Wave channel on Sirius radio (a.k.a. the cable of radio), further pushing the band’s optimistic message that, life, indeed, goes on. “The Stone” carries that same nostalgic feel, implanting listeners into a John Hughes-esque dance sequence. Of course, if we’re on the topic of perfect additions to John Hughes film soundtracks, “What Gives” may be perfect. Trust me.

With “Be There Again,” Transitshop slows it down a little bit, presenting a more vulnerable side to their sound. The longing for the past is strong and relatable, with a powerful presence that will probably resonate well with listeners. Speaking of longing, “Pick Me” is the most upbeat and catchy plea I’ve heard in a very long time, in an almost humorous way.

Out of every song on the album, “Ziachronic” may have to be the most notable. Between the steady presentation and the impressive lyrics, it’s a difficult track to resist.

One thing I love about Velocity, is the pure nostalgia in each song. However, there is an originality that shines through brilliantly. After hearing so many 80’s copycat bands, it’s very much appreciated to hear an album that pays homage without sounding like bad karaoke.

Velocity showcases a versatility, style, and class that no band could accomplish like Transitshop. As their debut album, it certainly makes a pointed and memorable impression. With alternative/indie-pop style, and new-wave, 80’s attitude, Velocity will be difficult to top.

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