RIP Shirley Temple-Black (1928-2014)




“Why the silence?” many emails to Planet Stereo ask.

The silence exists for the end of an era, the loss of an icon, and out of respect for this star.

Shirley Temple stole the world’s heart as a child during The Great Depression, taking over the box office for two years in a running. She was America’s Sweetheart, and the rest of the world quickly fell in love with her too.

As an adult, Shirley Temple became a US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

She was an amazing woman, who leaves behind incredible large shoes that will remain impossible to fill.

I like to believe that most of us grew up with her. I know I certainly did. I think I watched the sing-along to “Animal Crackers In My Soup” until the VHS tape wore out.

Her movies were undoubtedly endearing; instant classics.

This will be the ONLY post on Planet Stereo’s page today.

If you can, please try and show some respect for this incredible woman, and take a moment to reflect on her amazing life.

RIP Shirley Temple-Black (1928 – 2014).



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