Frank Hamilton: Christmas Special – FREE DOWNLOAD


In 2012, we all watched in awe as Frank Hamilton wrote, recorded, and released #OneSongAWeek for the entirety of the year. Those recordings resulted in a #1 album that outsold not one, but two of its collaborators, Ed Sheeran and Newton Faulkner, temporarily.

This year hasn’t been any slower for the artist. Frank recorded a live EP on the London Eye (all accomplished in only one rotation), as well as releasing a 52-track album, as well as a studio EP/Single with a spectacular video, collaborate with Wheatus on a cover of the classic Teenage Dirtbagsell out two headlining tours, and play multiple of festivals. All in all, one can only expect more amazing things from Frank Hamilton in 2014.

Despite his busy schedule, Hamilton has recorded a cover of Mudd’s ‘Lonely This Christmas‘ and made it available for free download.

 “It’s nice to give something away at ChristmasEspecially after the last year or so – the kids have been incredible,” He says gratefully. “I mean, they’re not all kids, but I hate the word fans and everyone likes to feel young, so…”

Not one to be content with giving away a free track, Hamilton is actually giving listeners a two free tracks and a chord/lyric chart, but has also recently hosted Crikey, It’s Christmas, an unplugged show at a coffee shop that sold out in less than a minute, along with causing the stream to crash!

You can download the song HERE, and check out Frank on Soundcloud!

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